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In the last few years, grace has worked its way to the forefront and created a global move

Although Paul Young is not a TWS author, he is very much a TWS favorite when it comes to writers... and he co-penned T.WS' book Free to Give! 

Our Tuesday night Zoom group is reading and discussing his amazing book Eve! If you'd like to join, message us for details


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By Rick Ketchum

I am becoming Limitless in God, and you can too. I've had a recurring dream where I'm hovering roughly thirty feet in the air. The sensation of being free of limitations is both invigorating and peaceful. I look down and there are people watching me. Someone asks, "What are you doing up there?" I answer, "I'm becoming limitless in God, and you can join us?" I realize that I'm not alone but Christ is with me. I see the look of doubt on their faces, the words written on their foreheads: sin, guilt, shame, fear, and condemnation. They turn and begin walking away. What I'm experiencing is the truth of what Christ has done.

This book is about freedom. Do you understand that God created us for a union with Him? When we are one with God through Christ we are joined to His limitlessness. We become holy, blameless, accepted, and healed through an eternal fusion with Christ. This is the Gospel that Paul said God had in mind before the foundation of the world and nothing has changed. The reason people walk away from the gospel is that we are supposed to be a light representing the freedom we have in Christ. What they are seeing is a church with the same afflictions as the world.

I wrote this book to wake us up from our Mosaic hangover and discover the truth of the gospel and who we are in Christ. We must be healed of our double-mindedness that began when man lost the true image of God and began seeing Him as the Courtroom God. This has never been the truth of who He is, but it's still being taught today. I begin in Genesis and explain the Abrahamic covenant which we are grafted into through Christ. I have named it the Abrahamic Expressway of Grace. I explain the mysteries of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Let the truth set us free from the Courtroom God and embrace the Father who is running to us with the ring, the robe, and the holy kiss.


These are members of The Writer's Society community. They are not our authors but they are part of our thriving community of writers! They are Trinitarian and Christological in their beliefs. Click the link to access their books.

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A Grace Primer

Dale Hill

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