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We have a passion to see God's grace released in the world and for people to live the best, abundant life that Jesus gave us! Over the last 25 years, we have built a thriving farming business and Robin has written three best selling books on the FINISHED work of Jesus.


And now together we have created and developed The Writer's Society, a grassroots grace and Trinitarian publishing company.  


What do we mean by grassroots? Well, it's one of a kind! There is nothing we can compare it to. We're not your traditional publishing company who will publish your book and give you a measly 10-12% profit! Our desire is to empower the authors we partner with. We want you to have 100% of your profits on Amazon. It is your book after all!  Our job is to help you produce the best book you can... and so we offer services such as editing, book cover design, coaching, and consulting. We also have 3 packages available..."Ghostwriting" package; Refresh Package; and Assisted Self Publishing Package.  


In October of 2022 the Lord asked Robin if she would put her own writing aside and build The Writer's Society. There is a tremendous need for a grace based, author empowering, Trinitarian, Christological focused publishing company! We are excited to see this grow.  


Steve & Robin Smit


We have a two fold passion here at The Writer's Society. 


  • To build a thriving community of grace based authors and writers who have a strong Trinitarian and Christological foundation as their theology. . All kinds of writers, not just book writers. Song writers, script writers, journalists, curriculum writers, book writers, etc. 

  • To empower authors through equipping them to write books that release God's over-whelming abundant grace to the world.  


What do we mean by Trinitarian and Christological theology? 


  • Trinitarian: The relationship of Father, Son, and Spirit as the foundation of all doctrine. It's the starting point of all we believe. God is relational!


  • Christology: Theology that is rooted in the nature (God and Man) and the FINISHED work of Jesus Christ. 




We chose an olive branch in our logo. Why? Because olive branches symbolize peace which is shalom meaning whole and complete in Hebrew. The Hebrew word for “olive tree” is es shemen, which literally means ‘tree of oil.” It is from a primitive root meaning “to shine.” It is related to the word shemesh, “to be brilliant.” Another Hebrew word for “olive” is zayith, meaning “an olive,” as “yielding illuminating oil.”  


This is who we are as a community of grace writers... whole and complete, brilliant, full of and yielding the illumination of the Holy Spirit, releasing His goodness and grace to all.




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