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Sometimes you end up falling into something and realize that this is destiny fulfilled. This is a 'before time began destiny' that we were created for. DIVINE DESTINY! This is how I felt when I started The Writer's Society. Knowing I had come for such a time as this. And it just unfolded so easily, so grace-FULLy. It initially began as an idea for a Facebook group of like-minded authors and writers who could grow together, expressing God's goodness and grace in our writing. Then a week later, I received two messages exactly the same day about ghostwriting. I hadn't considered getting into self-publishing services, but these two messages stirred something in my heart. And I heard Holy Spirit say to me, "Will you lay aside your book for now and help others get their books out and get this self-publishing business going?" My response was an immediate yes! I could feel DIVINE DESTINY stirring in my heart. So I took on these two clients, set up a website, and in two weeks helped my first author publish his book, and he took the # 3 spot on Amazon's Top 100 Best Seller List in the first 24 hours of release! It has been easy and Grace-FULL!

I chose the word society because it speaks to me of community and culture. Our hearts desire to build a thriving community of grace-based writers and authors worldwide who have a solid Trinitarian and Christological foundation as their theology. Empowering them to release books that speak of God's goodness and grace for ALL mankind. Our other desire is to launch writer's groups across the country where writers and authors gather together and create a local community of encouragement and empowerment, growing together in grace. We'll release more info on that in the future.

I chose an olive branch as the logo for The Writer's Society. Olive branches symbolize peace which is shalom meaning whole and complete in Hebrew. The Hebrew word for "olive tree" is es shemen. Which literally means 'tree of oil." It comes from a primitive root meaning "to shine." It is related to the word shemesh, "to be brilliant." Another Hebrew word for "olive" is zayith, meaning "an olive," as "yielding illuminating oil." This is who we are as a community of grace writers... whole and complete, brilliant, full of and yielding the illumination of the Holy Spirit.

Books about a transactional gospel have flooded the marketplace for far too long. Together, let's change that! Check out our Resource tab on our menu and message us if we can help get your book in print. And remember to sign up as a member of the website (it's free).

~ Steve & Robin Smit

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